Majstranden Petanque

Object of the game:

The game is played by throwing metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball while avoiding any obstacles. The first team to score 13 points or have a 13 point lead wins. A minimum of two teams with a minimum of two metal balls per team is needed to play. Each team may consist of several players.

Restricting the playing field:

The playing field should be around 10m in lenght and have a fixed throwing area. The flanks will be marked by two obstacles* placed before the game starts. The throwing area, the far end and the flank obstacles* will form a "sector". This sector will also be the area where future obstacles* can be placed and where the small wooden ball should land after throw-out. The sector should be at a maximum of 90 degrees from flank to flank, seen from the throwing area.


The teams decide which team will start. The starting team will throw out the small wooden ball onto the playing field. If the small wooden ball does not land within the agreed playing field the waiting team has to accept the placement beforehand otherwise the wooden ball needs to be re-thrown. After this the same team will throw their first metal ball. The teams will proceed by takeing turns throwing their balls. When all the balls are thrown the round is over and the points will be calculated. New obstacles* can be placed out before the beginning of a new round. Incase obstacles* have been knocked over in the previous round they should be re-erected at this stage. The team that won the round will start the next one.

Calculating points:

Each team starts at 0 points. Scores can range between -13 and 13. If a team reaches -13 points or bellow this is an automatic forefit. Only one team can be awarded points each round while as penalties will be dealt for every foul. Points for the winning team is calculated as points minus possible penalties. All other teams are only deducted possible penalties.


(*) Obstacle = Beverage can emptied during a round.
Majstrande Petanque a.k.a Beer Petanque, is a variant of Petanque